Each lessons runs for 30 minutes for kids and up to 45 minutes for adults. Lessons are customized with individualized plan to meet goals and objectives. The teacher develops a lesson plan with student based on the student's abilities and learning skills. However, a student progress is based on the level of commitment, hardwork and support system. Daily piano practice of at least 30 minutes to 1 hour is much more better than 10hrs of one day practice in a week. We highly encourage our students to make a schedule and stick to it.


Students are encouraged to have piano or keyboards at their respective homes for practices after lessons. Students are taught  highly effective skills of piano  practice and rate of progress is determined by students commitment and dedication.

Parental Involvement

Parents are highly encouraged to be involved in their kids piano practices to improve students commitment and provide exciting environment for practices at home. Students whose parents are involved in their piano practice tend to do better than those whose parents show little or no support. An adult is required to be present during kid’s lesson.

Lesson Materials

Students must have writing materials including notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, a metronome. Must maintain short nails. Students are responsible to provide all recommended music books and extra materials that are assigned by the teacher. Most online stores provide these books at cheaper rate. Students who which to purchase via the teacher should discuss this option with the teacher and pay accordingly. Lesson fees cannot be substituted for lesson materials.There is an additional fee to use onsite/office piano for practice. Please inquire with your teacher on the actual price.

Media Use

Every artist or musician needs to be able to show his or her work in some way. We are proud of our students and the work we do together and would like to share it with others. Photos, video, and audio recordings of students playing the piano may be posted online for educational and promotional use.