Celsus Okany

Celsus Okany is an outstanding music teacher with over 15 years of experience in teaching professional music lessons. He has many years of experience teaching school age kids, teenagers and adults. He has worked with multiple known musicians, song producing studios, churches and social outlets in providing accompaniments.He is a composer and song writer. His dedication to duty, skillful approach to lessons and patience sets him aside among his peers.

Denise Nunez-Perez

Denise Nunez-Perez is an outstanding music artist with specialty in piano lessons and music composition. With over 10 years experience in professional piano performances and teaching, she is an outstanding asset to Kanis Studio.

Michael Tiotia

Michael Tiotia has established himself as an outstanding pianist in Tristate area. He has worked with working bands of prominent musicians including DD Harrison, Ken Wolfe, TinaFarinacci. His outstanding teaching experiences in piano lessons make his talent unique and an asset at Kanis studio.